Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Programs (ISSP)

ISSP is the administrative unit that oversees the interdisciplinary majors, minors and graduate programs within the Social Sciences Division of the College of Letters and Sciences at UC Berkeley. These programs consist of the undergraduate majors in Cognitive Science, Global Studies, and Political Economy, and minors in Global Studies (including the Human Rights Minor), Political Economy, and Global Poverty and Practice. In addition, there are currently graduate programs in Global Studies (MA), Political Economy (Designated Emphasis), Cognitive Science (Designated Emphasis), and a new Master’s in Computational Social Science. The degree programs under ISSP provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind, and to the study of culture, society, economics, and government.

Accordingly, ISSP offers interdisciplinary core courses in Cognitive Science (COGSCI), Global Studies (GLOBAL), and Political Economy (POLECON). The degree programs also incorporate courses that many other departments at Berkeley offer, especially those in the Social Sciences. Each program offers students a rigorous, yet flexible, curriculum—while recognizing that learning takes place inside and outside the classroom.

*Formerly International and Area Studies (IAS)

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Cognitive Science (COGSCI) Program
Cognitive Science
Global Studies Program
Global Studies
Political Economy Program
Political Economy
Computational Social Science program
Computational Social Science